Cardiknox is a musical project and dream child of Thomas Dutton. Thomas and I toured in a band together 4 years ago called Forgive Durden.While I have been fully immersed working on film and various production projects around the globe, Thomas has been in NYC dreaming up a new musical project. This is it.

Thomas is the master producer. Lonnie is the equally masterful vocalist, and I have joined the team to lend my not so masterful 2 cents. When Forgive Durden ended I feared it was the last time I would have a chance to make music. Little did I know, years later I would once again be recruited by my good mate to have at it again.

The video was shot with a $0.00 budget. No fancy equipment, no crew, just a 7D and a 3 light kit. A bulk of the video was done in a 4 hour window at a dance studio.

I completely self shot the Bass and Guitar sequences in my living room. Thomas illegally shot the beach scenes without me in Malibu in a short window with lots of harassment from the beach police.
This was all spontaneous and guerilla. We had very little time to compose any type of “story”. The idea was to create something visually stimulating as a way to introduce the band to the world. I wanted a very “dirty” edit. Something a bit f*cked up is what I told Thomas. We shared in the edit and this is the end product. We had loads of fun. We are happy with it. I hope you are too.

The dancers are the extremely talented Natalie Gilmore & Lindsay Richardson. The time they lent to this was invaluable.

Buy on iTunes:


A simple, yet fun surf piece from my last stint in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

Action, Surf, Dolphins, Chicas, Shirtless Dudes…. it’s all here.
I put the board down and took the camera out for a couple days of filming with my friends, whom happen to be San Juan Del Sur’s finest local surfers.

I love Nicaragua.
I love Surfing.
I love Cinematography.

This is a marriage of the three.

Shot on 1 humble canon 7D and a GoPro or Two. No bells and whistles.


I do not have a whole lot to reveal about this project as of now. Just that I have had the pleasure to work with some very dynamic people in the last couple of weeks. The result of which is a very raw and intimate look into the process of creation and collaboration in the form of visual artistry.

The videos will surface soon. Courtesy of Interscope, BadBoy and BET.

My love to Diddy, Dirty Money, James Fauntleroy, Matt Testa, Rob Holladay and D’Mile for letting me go where no man has gone before!

The 2010 Earthship Pitaya Festival.

I find it very hard to believe that this is only year 2 of this very young and very promising music and community celebration. My bay area based pal Lauren Stocker and I, tired and groggy from a long day of travel were shuttled from Managua airport 2 hours in to San Juan and dropped into the lions den of pre festival celebration time. The tone was set for a 4 day rally of non-stop action. Festival kickoff, 2 days of prep, Los Popitos School for the handicap outreach, TheFestival, a surf recovery day, and Flying straight into cold snowy nashville. Only on my flight back into the states did I grasp the fact that I was only in San Juan Del Sur for 4 days. ahhhmazing.

The vision for the Earthship Pitaya Festival is to connect the local population with visiting tourists through art and music. The festival is a platform to feature local artists and inspire the children, while raising awareness for sustainable living and education within the Carizal. Through the volunteer programs and community outreach projects, we hope to cultivate a disarming mutual respect between visitors and locals thus providing the foundation for lasting friendships within the local community. The Festival is home to Central America’s premier Earthship, a completely off grid home made from nearly 100% recycled materials.

Below is a video I put together documenting the day in a very linear order of how things organically took place. Photo credit for these amazing photo’s goes to SF Bay Area Photog: Lauren Stocker

The Official 2010 Pitaya Festival Video:

The San Juan Howler

An 18k single track off road bike race through grueling dirt roads, river beds, and untouched raw landscape. Only the toughest survive. Am i man enough to race it? Nope! I am however man enough to film it. And that I did. While the real men gutted it out in scorching nica heat, I followed on my off road quad, which I must say was almost as equally exhausting. The race brought in some of Central America’s finest riders, as well as some adventurous Canadiens and West Coast Californians. Along with the elite riders was a series of local San Juan riders, who held their own, and received a ton of support from the elite riders. Loads of racing equipment was given out to the local kids, along with 2 mighty fine racing bikes that were donated by a Canadian race couple. The looks on the faces of the well deserved local winners was by far the highlight of this two day funventure!

Jimmy Tupper Vs. SXSW

South By Southwest Film, Music, and Interactive Festival, Austin TX. This was much cooler than I had anticipated. From past Austin visits I knew that it would be a fun week. Add in my best of friends, film premiers, actor/director panels, endless parties and receptions, all nighters, tech geek madness, and all the good music you can muster….. exhaustingly killer fun!

We were there supporting the cleverly titled “Jimmy Tupper Vs. The Goatman Of Bowie”. JTVTGOB literally came out of nowhere for me. One of my best friends, and production partners Andrew Bowser was temp living on the opposite side of the country as me. I was in town for a few days on a commercial photo shoot, when Bowser asks if I can DP a film project he is working on. Our conversation in a nutshell: “Will you help me shoot a new feature while you are in town”? “I am only here for a few days”. “that is all it will take”. “For a feature length”!!?? I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the past we have worked arm in arm from start to finish on projects, but this was not the case. He had an idea. A “gimmicky” type of idea. Truth is I had always looked at this as a “fun” personal project of Bowsers. Never gave too much of a serious look to the project. Many many talented people lent a hand, and now it is Jimmy Tupper VS. the world!!

A View From The Road

My last update? 9 MONTHS AGO.

I should be ashamed. I should be banned. I should just shut this page down? Or should I?? For a minute or two I scared myself into thinking I needed to back track and post all the fun and work the last year has handed over. Then I remembered the days when all we had was a memory.. a story, no blogs, no archives, just the memory that was it. So no backtracking. Well not too much backtracking. I am very pleased to have entered the ’10 on somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. A good coaster. The one’s that give just enough of that puke feeling, but not too much. 2010 thus far:
  • -Delta Platinum Medallion Status achieved.
  • -18 segments flown.
  • -1 successful music festival thrown.
  • -double international travel.
  • -a SXSW film fest premier announced.
  • -new clients, new projects, new friends.
  • -the formation and partnering in a new branding and marketing agency.
  • -surfing and sailing galore.
  • -cinematic boutique, hihellomedia, reactobid.
  • -equal parts nicaragua/LA
  • -french and israeli immersion


in search of


“He lifts the poor and needy from the dust, the dung hill, the garbage dump, from the grave, and sets them among princes - even His own princes.”

so it goes like this:
guatemala -> honduras -> nicaragua -> costa rica

words are hard to use here in giving a complete picture of the magnitude of feelings. i will use words, but more effectively provide imagery that speaks for itself. i recently described it to a friend like this:

“i can’t begin to describe day 1. it’s impossible. all day long, all day i just tell myself how much i wish everybody could see what i am seeing. the garbage dump today was like something out of a post-apocalyptic film. it was huge and unending. unending in magnitude, in people, in vultures, in garbage. something a hollywood set can’t come close to conveying. you can’t even explain what you feel. am i here right now? is this happening? is this life somewhere else. it’s nutty. and then in the midst of what seems like hell, to find joy and warmth and friendship makes my heart cry and laugh at the same time. i love it. i love these people. i feel safe. i feel at home. ahhhh!!

CENTRAL AMERICA GARBAGE DUMP TOUR - HONDURAS, DAY 2 from david kalani larkins on Vimeo.


8 days in london was a success. The Mother of Invention had it’s UK premier, which seemed as good a time as any to scratch the UK off of the list of “places to go”. previous to the visit London was never very high on that list. now that my eyes have seen, i am a believer. my expectations were exceeded and the chances of a future relationship with the city in the near future is highly probable.

The film festival was a hospitable success. London has a great fashion sense, I only regret not bringing more shopping money! the pubs were fantastic. many tastes to choose from accompanied by an always eclectic crowd made it a daily routine during our wholesome 8 days.

i love being in such international cities. the array of accents, the food choices, the stylistic differences, cultural barriers. love it all. and yes, the british, eastern european, and australian accents that were so prevalent added a next level of hotness to the lady friends :)


It seems a small organization called MTV has taken a liking to some past collaborative work of Andrew Bowser, Joseph Petrick, and myself. A series of phone calls, mixed with a series of meetings, resulted in an offer to develop a comedic TV show for the network. Joseph and Andrew went to work writing a clever series titled The Underground. We recently completed a presentation pilot for the network and are in a weird development pattern of hearing opinion after opinion from this guy, and that guy, and his superior and so on…. not sure if this series will ever see the light of day with MTV, but there has recently been some positive developments. with that said, in this career i have learned to take “positive developments” with a grain of salt, and to keep on pressing towards new goals, while completed goals sometimes lay in limbo, and in the hands of those less visionary.




This post is a bit dated, but I was just sent these great photo’s and video fromThe Bamboozle Left festival in Irvine, CA at the verizon amphitheatre. The fest was great. We played an hour long set of the Razia’s Shadow musical from start to finish. The 2 day fest included the likes of 50 Cent, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Thrice, Fallout Boy and more. Pretty amazing to play in the company of such names.

to be happy now

one of the first artists i ever had the pleasure of being part of a music video with was Copeland(pin your wings), that was some time ago. I shot this video with friend and director Joseph Petrick for a song on their new album out on Tooth and Nail Records.

we shot this on pretty much $0.00 budget. Copeland shot one video for each song on their new album. This was one of them. In total our production company shot 3 video’s for the album, the other 2, one including the single were shot by Andrew Boswer. One Small Instrument ftw!

this was shot in the mojave desert. it was hot, dry, and quite lovely at the same time. the simpleness of wide open spaces like that, translate into a thing of beauty on film.

we should have an HD version up soon…. sorry for the low quality!

Copeland - “To Be Happy Now” from david kalani larkins on Vimeo.